ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files

Surprisingly got this error after I started my home-database after a very long time.

SQL> alter database open;
alter database open
ERROR at line 1:
ORA-16038: log 3 sequence# 78 cannot be archived
ORA-19809: limit exceeded for recovery files
ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1:
ORA-00312: online log 3 thread 1:

Cause : Seems like my flashback logs is giving the Issue.

select name,
floor(space_limit / 1024 / 1024) "Size MB",
ceil(space_used  / 1024 / 1024) "Used MB"
from v$recovery_file_dest
order by name;

NAME                                                            Size MB    Used MB
------------------------------------------------------------ ---------- ----------
C:\oracle\product\10.2.0\flash_recovery_area                       2048       2021

Quick fix :  Run the rman to backup the archivelogs
or alternately increase the space of db_recovery_file_dest_size

RMAN> run {
2> allocate channel ch1 device type disk;
3> backup archivelog all delete input;
4> release channel ch1;
5> }

Alternately :

SQL> alter system set db_recovery_file_dest_size=4050M scope=both;
System altered.

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