Statistics Job

Enabling Automatic Statistics Gathering

Automatic statistics gathering is enabled by default when a database is created, or when a database is upgraded from an earlier database release. You can verify that the job exists by viewing the DBA_SCHEDULER_JOBS view:


In situations when you want to disable automatic statistics gathering, the most direct approach is to disable the GATHER_STATS_JOB as follows:


Well thats for 10g. But as of 11g below applies  :

client_name IN VARCHAR2,
operation IN VARCHAR2,
window_name IN VARCHAR2);

Oracle 11g includes three automated database maintenance tasks:

  • Automatic Optimizer Statistics Collection – Gathers stale or missing statistics for all schema objects (more info). The task name is ‘auto optimizer stats collection’.
  • Automatic Segment Advisor – Identifies segments that could be reorganized to save space (more info). The task name is ‘auto space advisor’.
  • Automatic SQL Tuning Advisor – Identifies and attempts to tune high load SQL (more info). The task name is ‘sql tuning advisor’.

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