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Recovering Through the OPEN RESETLOGS Statement

Data Guard allows recovery on a physical standby database to continue after the primary database has been opened with the RESETLOGS option. When an ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS statement is issued on the primary database, the incarnation of the database changes, creating a new branch of redo data.When a physical standby database receives a new branch of redo data, Redo Apply automatically takes the new branch of redo data. For physical standby databases, no manual intervention is required if the standby database did not apply redo data past the new resetlogs SCN (past the start of the new branch of redo data). The following table describes how to resynchronize the standby database with the primary database branch.


See Oracle Database Backup and Recovery Advanced User’s Guide for more information about database incarnations, recovering through an OPEN RESETLOGS operation, and
Flashback Database.

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